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for those who follow me on Instagram, know I offer the option OPEN BOX, in order for you to save on shipping costs. This option is still available if you shop with us via the website!

when you place an order, the regular shipping method will be available (if you wish to have it shipped out immediately) but also the option OPEN BOX. select this method if you wish to use the option open box, which means your items will be kept here to combine with any other live sale, story sale or website purchase, which is valid for 4 weeks.

if you wish to close your box, this can be at any time, simply message me either via the site here or via instagram (@thehighvibegem) and you will receive a link for the shipping costs (if applicable) and your order will be shipped out!

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Hi all, unfortunately I have continues issues with Instagram and I can't login to my account. If u have messages me; please sent me Either a message via the message system on the site, or email me at

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