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The Full Story

About Me

Hi everyone! I am Rosita, I am the owner and founder of the high vibe gem. 
I live in the Netherlands, am married, have 3 cats that are my life and I get energy from bringing small pieces of *MAGIC* to your doors. 

My story started when I was just a little girl, who came face to face with the first crystal I ever laid my eyes on: Tigers Eye. 

and the rest is history. I have been attracted to crystals not only by their looks, but by their healing, calming, soothing and manifesting properties ever since. I always carry them with me; whichever crystal I need for that day. And that's the reason why I wanted to start 

The High Vibe Gem

I wanted everyone to be able to get their hands on these magickal stones that brought me peace, relief and support whenever I needed it. 

so, in 2021, I made the plunge; I started my dream venture: The High Vibe Gem

The High Vibe Gem


My mission with the high vibe gem is simple: connecting you with the world of crystals. I believe every crystal that is meant for you, will get to you someway or another. And I feel like I'm just part of supporting you in getting the crystals you need / want into your life. See me as your crystal dealer, ready to get your fix! 

My mission is, to hope that these crystals bring you the support, healing, peace that you need, that I also experience when using crystals in my day to day life.

Let's manifest success together!


My dream is to make the high vibe gem a household name with every one who loves crystals. and with each and everyone of you who supports me, it takes me a step closer to this dream.

and for this, I am forever grateful

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